Woman in purple google and blue jacket is kneeling in snow with a huge smile holding snow in her hands, right before she's going to chuck it in the air.

Kenver Skiwear 2023/24

Our ski collection is carefully curated with quality, functionality, and style top of mind. Order our latest ski wear and gear, available now for shipping.

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We currently offer online shopping for in-store pick up and delivery.

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Floor of Kenver ski shop with two vertical wooden beams in the front, and a small stair case in the middle. In the foreground is a display of cold-weather masks. In the left background are skis, while in the right background are ski goggles and helmets.

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Ski waxing, skate sharpening, boot fitting. The Kenver staff is fully equipped to keep your outdoor equipment running at peak performance. Need a tune-up? Send us a message to get started.

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Kenver Journal

5 Ways To Break In Hiking Boots Faster

Fall is here and it's the perfect time to see some autumn colors. If you plan on picking up some new boots, we dropped some tips on how to break them in quick for a comfortable hike.