History of Kenver

History of Kenver

It all began with one man. While he is no longer with us, his spirit and passion for the outdoors lives on everyday at Kenver. Read below about the origins of our store and our founder Kenneth Vermeulen.

Kenver’s history begins with a man named Kenneth Vermeulen. Ken was an avid outdoorsman who wanted to share his love, passion and sense of adventure with everyone he crossed paths with. His joy was infectious and he couldn’t help but want to pass along his love of adventure. He was genuinely passionate about the outdoors. 

Photo of Ken Vermeulen, founder of Kenver sitting, smiling at Camera with left elbow posed on a work table and fist on his chin.

So in 1959, he founded Kenver in a historic building from 1731, which used to be an old stagecoach shop. It was a place where people could come for unbeatable outdoor advice, the best outdoor gear, or just a cup of coffee or cider. It was a place where he could share his passion for gear and stoke for the outdoors with others.

Sadly, we lost Ken in 2012. But that doesn’t mean his spirit isn’t still with us today. You’ll notice our name, Kenver, stems directly from the man who started it all.

Today, we are still a ski shop located in the heart of downtown Egremont, MA in the original location. We still offer top of the line ski brands, outerwear, rentals, and services, we’ve been helping folks enjoy the outdoors like we have done since 1959 when Ken founded the shop. And we are expanding into cycling, hiking and trail running during the summer months. 

Our vision is true to Ken’s beliefs and that we still want to inspire and connect all sorts of adventurers in the pursuit of living a life outdoors. If you are unfamiliar, the shop is nestled into the Berkshire foothills to the west of Great Barrington, MA along the border of New York. 

Next time you are in the area, come visit, we would love to say "hi" and help you get outside.